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Fortnite is widely played battle royale game across the globe. These kind of games have a similar style of earning money through their in-game purchases.

Similarly, Fornite has also kept a virtual currency called Vindertech Bucks or Vinderbucks, in short, V Bucks.

These v bucks are the in-game currency to purchase different in-game appearances, weapons, skins and many more. Which is inevitable as the game progresses. Without these accessories, no avatar can perform at a different level of the game and gets defeated to complete the mission.

Apart from the limited v bucks provided at the initial purchase to start with the player require V bucks in every move.

Fortnite game has granted you option to buy V Bucks from their website through in-game purchases. All you need to empty your wallet to get V Bucks. After a few days exception apart all the player searches a way to find how to get free v bucks? In this article we explain the nits and gits of free v bucks:

Get Free V Bucks Now Using Following Methods

If you are a consistent player of the game, you can earn v bucks through gaming which in turn helps you to be rich in V Bucks. Following are a few tips for you to know more about collecting V Bucks and use them in the game purchases:

Daily Login Rewards:

The most important feature that the recent online games are giving privilege to the systematic players who plays the game every day. Fortnite is also not an exception. With the introduction of patch 1.8 for “Save The World” you have a chance to get free v bucks apart from the other resources like evolution materials, legendary items, people or XP Boosts.

So do not forget to log in at least once in this online video game. So that you can avail the free v bucks from 50-300 through daily login. Also if you are consistent in the regular login, you get a boost of v bucks on 112th, 224th and 336th day with 800, 800 and 1000 v bucks respectively.

Earn V Bucks Through Daily Quest:

After completing the tutorial, Fortnite gift you with a daily quest, which may be a source to get free v bucks. You can avail three daily quests which you need to complete from your end, and you have a chance to win 50-100 v bucks daily.

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To earn the v bucks, you need to have a collaboration with your teammates. The best tips to win the daily destroy quest is to terminate all the TVs through your teammates. You need to explore the maps by yourself to gain a daily quest with the help of your teammates. It is advisable to avoid jungles and forests which contain minor finding objects.

Timed Missions:

When you see a clock sign in your map, you can understand that there is a timed mission is waiting for you. Out of the different time-based missions, only mini-boss provides v bucks.

The timed missions alter in every 6 hours, and you can have three tasks in most of the levels whereas there are certain levels which allows you to earn ten missions at most. The rewards are common as 25-40 v bucks.  So progress in your main questline and unlock new areas to get more tasks and earn v bucks.

Storm Shield Defence Missions:

As you progress through your main quest line, you get an opportunity to earn free v bucks. You need to complete storm shield defence missions appearing in almost in every 10th challenges of the main quests.  You can find six storm shield defence missions in each of the four different areas. Each of this reward gives you 100 v bucks making a 600 in total for each region and 2400 in total.

Get Rewarded Through Side Quest Challenges:

Apart from the main quest line where you have a chance to win v bucks in storm shield defence challenges. You will find side quests where also you can earn v bucks winning the challenges. Storm shield challenge 7-10 carries v bucks as a reward.

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The following details shows how you can win v bucks in side quests:

  • Lok’s Book of Monsters – Some of them reward V-bucks in the successful completion of the mission if you can collect sample data of a specific type of husk in it.
  • Lok’s Book of Monsters: You can get 100 V- bucks free if you accumulate 20 pieces of Shielder Data.
  • Shield Defense 7-10: In each of successful completion of shield defence mission 7-10 you are rewarded with 100 v bucks and on the achievement of 10th challenge you get a handsome 150 V bucks.

Repetitive Challenges:

In fortnite you will find some constant challenges which provide free v bucks in the following cases:

  • Mission accomplishments or completion of each stage offers you 100 free v bucks which are repetitive for 20 times makes you the owner of 1000 v bucks in totality.
  • Hold the door mission also provide you with 100 free v bucks on completion of the challenges successfully consecutively for 20 times making you an owner of 1000 coins.
  • If you can destroy mimics you can avail 30 free v bucks for 20 times makes 600 v bucks in total.

Ongoing Events:

Fortnite always creates live events for their promotional purpose, and you can encash those events to earn some extra v bucks if you keep a close eye on these events. Similar to the quest, in the live events you need to complete some tasks assigned in particular. So stay updated with the ongoing events and who knows, you can win some free v bucks as well. for example you can see how they rewarded real money to fortnite content creators.

Earn V Bucks through giveaways by different Forums:

You can find different forums or website which organizes free giveaways by support of creators. Once you support the creators, they propose you can get a chance to earn free v bucks from these forums.

Collection Book:

Fortnite has stopped to provide any V Bucks for level up of your collection book since their release of patch 6.30. However, you can collect other rewards apart from the V Bucks through increasing your level of collection book.

Free V Bucks Generator – Obvious Scams

If you type “How to get free v bucks” in the search engine. Thousand times you get a lot of links providing you with the solution of giving you with free v bucks using Free v bucks generator tools.

free v bucks generator

Some of them also claims that to get free v bucks no survey is required. And to get free v bucks no human verification is required. Through this trap, they make you believe that any of these generators can do the magic for yourself. Believe it or not, all these websites are a hoax and do not produce any free fortnite v bucks.

All these free v bucks generator prompt you to follow some simple steps which are more or less similar as following:

  • All these free v bucks generator come up with great word of assurance to make you believe their website firstly.
  • Secondly, free v bucks generator ask you for your Log in details to establish and access to your game. By this time you are already convinced with their words, and you provide them with your credential to see the magic.
  • Once you provide the credential of your game login, you can see the various changes in free v bucks generator to fool you that they are trying to establish connections with your game and after a few time you can see that they have connected with your game data.
  • To make thing more real, they ask you, how many free fortnite v bucks you want for free? Once you type the highest digit that space can carry you enter to the most awaited part next.
  • Like most of the web registration process which requires you to prove that you are not a robot or not using bot through the process of writing captcha or clicking on their directed pics. These free v bucks generator will also ask to make some tasks for human verification. Once you agree the webpage turns to another page asking to do some survey or download some app off in some cases. Does some registration to some websites. Needless to say that this process never ends and never have you got V bucks.

All the above tricks are established to make you ready to do the last part of the process. Lots of users fall in the trap of free v bucks generator and provide the information along with their personal information in these survey or registration process.

This data is further used by the websites as you check in the button of their terms and conditions which hardly some people reads.

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These are some of the specific words which are being searched the most on the Google. If you came to this site searching any one of the word, Then I believe you have got what you want by now.


For obvious reasons stated above, we advise you to go for the legal way to get free V bucks and reduce your trust on any of the generator tools. As it says gaining success does not come in the natural way the developer of the game has provided in-game option to get free v bucks. You need to step up in a stud mode to gain the V bucks and stop providing your personal information while searching V bucks.